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Dr. Kaplan’s Blog #2: The WorldThink Video Series

The six-episode WorldThink Series, shares my vision of humanity’s future, as intelligence evolves past the point of individual intelligence to a Planetary Intelligence (or global brain). Hopefully, this Planetary Intelligence will be composed of millions of human intelligences networked with many billions of Artificial Intelligences. However, it also possible that the Planetary Intelligence will consist entirely of machines and that humans will be extinct. The peril for humanity is matched only by the opportunity. What a time to be alive!

Watching the entire WorldThink Series may help you understand how Collective Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence can be viewed as part of a larger planet-wide evolution. But if you are short on time, or perhaps just interested in the more recent technological trends, watching Episodes 4 and Episodes 5 may be of most interest.

Had I not spent my entire adult life watching this story unfold, and had I not been intimately involved in inventing related technology and systems, I probably would dismiss “Planetary Intelligence” as science fiction. But after three decades researching and designing intelligent systems, I have concluded that Planetary Intelligence is actually inevitable. Until more of us recognize what is going on, I feel a responsibility to educate others and share my vision of what is happening now… and what the future likely holds.

You can help by sharing the link to this site ( with anyone you think might have an interest.

Thank You! - Craig

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