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Dr. Kaplan’s Blog #1: iQ Studios’ Mission

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

I founded iQ Studios in 2020 as the communication arm of iQ Company ( – the consulting company that I started in 1993. iQ Studios’ mission is to create content that communicate my ideas, including my vision of humanity’s future.

More than three decades ago, I began a lifelong study of intelligent systems when I apprenticed under two of the co-inventors of Artificial Intelligence, Herbert Simon and Allen Newell, at Carnegie Mellon University. Since then, I have designed both Collective Intelligence systems that harness the intelligence of millions of humans and Artificial Intelligence systems. My systems have been applied in domains ranging from crowdsourcing high-school exam questions to gaining an edge on WallStreet via intelligence from millions of retail investors. However, the most important applications of Collective Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence still lie ahead.

I hope you enjoy the videos and information on this site. Feel free to use the contact form to email any feedback and suggestions. While I can’t guarantee to respond to every email, I will read all of them.

Also, please share the link to this site ( with anyone you think might have an interest. It is critical to get the word out to as many people as possible while humans are still able to influence the evolution of intelligent systems. Thank You! - Craig

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