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CI vs. Coronavirus, Episode 2: Herd Immunity

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Dr. Kaplan explains what Herd Immunity is, what % of the US population might need to be immune to Covid-19 to achieve Herd Immunity, and how we can leverage our collective intelligence to combat Covid-19 until a vaccine arrives.


Updated April 2021

The current hot question as far as Covid-19 is concerned is:

When can we lift restrictions and get back to business as usual – or at least business of some kind?

To answer this question intelligently, I’ve discovered one needs to know a little bit about the science of infectious diseases, and specifically about Herd Immunity. I’ve provided some basic information on Herd Immunity, as it relates to Covid-19 in this new video:

“Collective Intelligence vs. the Coronavirus, Episode #2: Herd Immunity.”

If you want to dig deeper into the subject, references I used while making this video include:

1) An article by Hersh Shefrin that appeared in Forbes on April 18, 2020:

2) A pre-publication (early release) of research on Covid-19 in a CDC journal, Emerging Infectious Diseases:

3) Basic information on Reproduction Number (R and R0), which is essential for calculating when Herd Immunity might be reached:

I believe Collective Intelligence can help save lives by enabling us to re-start some activities in a careful and intelligent manner. I plan to address this topic in more depth in subsequent videos. In these first few videos, I am trying to provide some essential knowledge about the Covid-19 pandemic. As we better understand the challenge we face, we can leverage the collective intelligence of millions of brains on the planet to overcome it!

Stay tuned for more frequent videos and blog posts…. Meanwhile, stay safe and be well!

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